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Event Creation

ITMV are experienced in planning and executing events, from networking to exhibitions. We can help you take your event from concept to completion. Our event process begins with a structured plan and marketing strategy for the proposed event. From this, we are able to define a demographic to market to and create ticketing via your chosen platform. 

Planning and Logistics

Our team of marketing professionals can help you plan out your event from start to finish, by identifying your goals for the event and understanding what you aim to achieve. Then we can begin locating possible venues, or if based online, possible softwares. After this, any extras, like art for an exhibition or speakers, we can arrange through outreach. 



Once we have defined the structure of your event, we’ll create engaging copy for your event and define the ticket pricing according to audience and event type. Our usual chosen ticketing platform is EventBrite as this allows you to see the analytics of your ticket sales and make changes according to this. We can publish your event on your chosen ticketing platform alongside eye catching graphics. 



When it comes to the marketing of your event, we are experienced in identifying the audiences to market to, and then using the appropriate strategies to use. For example, for a younger demographic, we may choose to use the TikTok app for some social media marketing. By using a multiple week strategy, we can ensure that your event is seen by as many of your chosen demographic as possible.


Some of the events we have organised in the past...

Manchester NFT Meet Up

We’ll be gathering at Twenty Twenty Two in Manchester’s Northern Quarter for a night of networking and fun, featuring digital screens, pizza, happy hour drinks and more!

Come along to meet some of the big players in the Manchester NFT scene!

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Manchester Networking
NFT Paris

NFT Paris Warm Up Party

ITMV and Kollectiff came together to host a fun-filled opening party for NFT Paris in the heart of the city, featuring drinks, music and networking with like-minded people in the Web3 space.

It was a great night and we met some amazing people in the Web3 space from all over the world. What a great way to start NFT Paris!

Black Histories and Futures

ITMV and Kollectiff, two prominent Web3 agencies based in Manchester, UK and Los Angeles, USA, have joined forces to bring attention to the incredible talent within the NFT art space for Black History Month USA. The collaboration has resulted in a powerful and captivating exhibition, curated by eight leading black figures in the NFT art world, showcasing the works of 24 talented artists.

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BHM exhibition

Web3 Winter Feast

Join us 12th December for a fun-filled festive night with some of the best builders and creates in the UK Web3 scene.

There’ll be food, drinks, & music; as well as the opportunity to mingle and meet with likeminded Web3 enthusiasts.

ITMV X MCR Art Fair - November 2022

ITMV co-hosted the official Manchester Art Fair official afterparty alongside House of Art, Smolensky Gallery and Heads Magazine. 

We were tasked with putting together a digital art exhibition that would rival the traditional art on display and educate guests on WEB3 art. 

We curated a 10 pieces exhibition called ‘NFTs Changed My Life’ which features work from 10 amazing and prominent artists in the space such as Foodmasku, Dead Seagull, Numan Khan and Rebecca Rose. 

NFT London - November 2022

We wanted to make a splash at NFT.London and  what a better way than to be a part of a satellite event. 

ITMV worked with sponsored the W3WC NFT.London AFTER DARK party, which was a sold out satellite event in Soho, London. This Web3 degen party was a true Web3 collaborative effort, with our co-sponsors being the likes of Cudos, Degen Events, DLT Hub, EZ 24 Ramen and SupaChargeIO.  

LIFE x KnownOrigin NFT.NYC - June 2022

We worked with our client, Life Magazine, to host a special event at NFT.NYC. We advised and helped to organise the event, alongside LIFE and NFT Marketplace KnownOrigin (Now under the eBay umbrella).

As a result, the event had a great  turnout, with some of these guests including the biggest and most exciting names in the NFT world, such as: Foodmasku, Parin Heidari, Kevin Page, Jimena Buena Vida and many more. There was live painting by NFT and physical artist Jake Andrew and a live DJ.

The event was a success, with some pieces from the collection receiving bids on the night and LIFE building a solid foundation for their WEB3 entrance.

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