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What did we really think of NFT Paris? | 01/03/23

NFT Paris is the biggest annual NFT conference, bringing together brands, artists, entrepreneurs, investors and collectors interested in non fungible tokens. ITMV visited this year from the 22nd to the 27th February and had a blast! From NFT side events to the notorious Paris nightlife, we soaked up the city and all of the Web3 it had to offer. Also, ITMV hosted their own NFT Paris warm up party to launch their new PFP project, MetaWorldOrder. The event was a success and we were able to meet some fantastic people in the space. Here’s our recap of the week…

Nexus Femina Exhibition

Our first stop on our Paris trip was the Nexus Femina gallery. This was hosted by Nexus Femina and Reskue.art, an NFT art platform on which at least 50% of the revenues generated are distributed to nonprofits. This gallery also featured the work of talented Ukrainian female artists who aim to raise money for the ongoing war in their country. 

Nexus Femina
NFT Paris Warm up Party

NFT Paris Warm Up Party

Our event was hosted in the lovely venue ‘Monsieur Antoine’ and we had some big names from the Web3 space attend. People from all over the world attended, and we had a fantastic response to the event. With hip-hop tunes flowing in the background, we chatted, drank and ate! It was a very fun night and really felt like we grew some great connections in the space. Cryptopunk glasses and name tags such as ‘Bear market sadboi and Founder of Ethereum’ kept things fun!

World of Women Exhibition

The next morning ITMV dragged themselves out of bed to attend the amazing World of Women Exhibition at the NFT Factory. Beautiful work from the Fabricant were displayed alongside WoW pieces. The Fabricant create digital fashion pieces, and on display were some of their exciting upcoming collections. It made for a captivating event!

NFT Paris

NFT Paris Conference

On the 24th we attended the event we all came for, the official NFT Paris conference! If you weren’t already bullish on NFTs, then seeing a huge building the size of a football stadium pop up right behind the Eiffel Tower would do the job.. There were over 18,000 people attending over the 2 days, which paired with some shoddy logistics did make for a 2 hour queue! The conference featured a plethora of boots and stands, featuring some of the coolest companies and projects in the Web3 space, such as SuperRare, Code Green and countless others. There was also a main stage featuring talks from some of the most prominent figures in the space. After leaving with 3 arms worth of free merch and swag, it was time to leave and head back to the thing we love the most, awesome satellite events

Bueno x Humankind Mural Painting Event

We then popped over the to Humankind art x Bueno NFT mural painting event where artist Pablo Stanley was creating beautiful work on the streets of Paris. We picked up some very cool merch from this event and they were even offering free tattoos (although none of team ITMV went under the needle)

Mural painting

KnownOrigin x Deadfellaz NFT Paris Afterparty

The KnownOrigin and DeadFellaz communities were brought together at this immersive exhibition and afterparty, showcasing the iconic Deadfellaz collection, alongside a selection of digital artworks from their latest KnownOrigin Creator Contracts. Some amazing DJs soundtracked our evening whilst the drinks were flowing and we were making some great new connections. Plus we picked up some pretty cool merch!

NFT Paris was a blast! We were swept off our feet with all of the amazing side events and the main conference was insightful and interesting. We also of course had some time to do some sightseeing with the team!


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