Sheba Hope Grows

We were approached by Sheba/Mars and their partners AMVBBDO and were tasked with helping launch their non-profit NFT collection, which was created with the intention of restoring the coral reef.
Sheba plan to sell 11,269 Virtual Reefs minted on the blockchain. Each sale would act as a donation and 100% of the money would transparently go towards coral reef restoration all over the world. Sheba have already restored over 80,000 square meters of coral reef over the last few years
ITMV set Sheba up with Dapper Labs and the FLOW blockchain in order to have the the most carbon efficient launch and so we could utilise debit card transactions for the mint Рfor a project that would likely draw in people without crypto knowledge. 
We also connected them with smart contract / protocal developers SNARK.ART and marketplace builders MINT.STORE – so they have a full and experienced team of launch partners.

ITMV Strategy

We realised that as this is a new case for blockchain and NFTS, we had to grow the community slowly and deliberately, to make sure that we have a strong base of  members who are passionate about sustainability and the oceans.

We wanted to position owing the NFT as a ‘badge of honor’ in your digital wallet and took a multi pronged approach building community on WEB3 (Twitter & Discord) whilst also building up awareness within the WEB2 landscape (Instagram & TikTok).

We helped organize an activation at NFT London, create an ambassador program (with a reef visit as a potential prize) and reached out to prominent WEB3 figures and communities for exposure.

We built excitement and buzz ahead of launch with both information and education, hearing from scientists, marine biologists and from specialists out on the reef working daily to restore the ecosystem.

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Global brand entering Web3

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Official Partnership with Dapper Labs (Flow blockchain)

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100% of proceeds to charity

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Cannes Lions award winning project


We made huge strides in building a strong organic community for the project, as well as helping their marketing effort by connecting them to key figures and brands in the space, such as Dapper Labs, Zeneca,, Alien Frens and Rug Radio.

The launch is scheduled to happen over the coming months and will be a new and exciting way to donate to charity

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