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Sheba Hope Grows

We were approached by Sheba/Mars and their partners AMVBBDO and were tasked with helping launch their non-profit NFT collection, which was created with the intention of restoring the coral reef.
Sheba plan to sell 11,269 Virtual Reefs minted on the blockchain. Each sale would act as a donation and 100% of the money would transparently go towards coral reef restoration all over the world. Sheba have already restored over 80,000 square meters of coral reef over the last few years
ITMV set Sheba up with Dapper Labs and the FLOW blockchain in order to have the the most carbon efficient launch and so we could utilise debit card transactions for the mint – for a project that would likely draw in people without crypto knowledge. 
We also connected them with smart contract / protocal developers SNARK.ART and marketplace builders MINT.STORE – so they have a full and experienced team of launch partners.

ITMV Strategy

We worked to help build a strong community within the My Pet Hooligan sphere, whilst securing key influencer partnerships with some of the biggest NFT projects in WEB3. We also developed a unique set of Discord Tokenomics that were transferable to the real life game. The in-game currency $Karrots (available to earn in Discord), allowed players to begin competing on mini-games and quizzes in the run-up to the NFT launch and future game release. We helped create the Hooli character, the face of the game; communicating and calling out influencers with fun scripted posts and causing the best kind of chaos on NFT Twitter. The community were huge participants in the development of the game, voting on weapons, faction names and traits. We managed and set-up physical giveaways of merch to develop a fully branded gaming community.

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Generated over $2 million dollars for the studio

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Considered a blue-chip NFT

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Sold out the 8888 mint volume in seconds

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Secured huge partnerships and investment with the likes of YieldGuild, BitkraftVC and Delphi Digital


The project sold out the 8888 mint volume in one day, generating over $2 million dollars for the studio to begin developing the game. The project is so successful that it is considered a blue-chip NFT project. AMGI have since expanded the metaverse further with their second drop ‘The Zuckbots’. The collection currently has over 4.4k unique holders and the game is in the BETA stage. The project has generated over 15.9k in ETH in after market sales on trading volume alone and AMGI has also secured huge partnerships with the likes of YieldGuild,  and Delphi Digital to build out their Hooli metaverse further.

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