Lush Cosmetics: The Web3 Champion, and we never smelt them coming! | 30/03/23

When bringing up Lush Cosmetics, many will instantly recognize the brand for the sweet aromas that radiate from their store, making every high street and shopping centre that little bit more bearable. Known for their fresh handmade products and staunch views against animal testing, Lush are not the brand you would think are ready to embrace Web3 technology.

It may not be common knowledge, but Lush has a history of being remarkably open to Crypto technology. Back in 2017, they became one of the first high street giants to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment for goods

“Accepting Bitcoin is very exciting for Lush. With Bitcoin, customers from all around the world will pay the same for our products, free from volatile currency fluctuations and lofty bank charges. Cryptocurrencies are the future of global trade and we want to ensure that we are prepared to move into this new digital era.” – Statement from Lush Cosmetics

Lush believes that a digitised global payment system will allow them to deliver their brand message more by getting more involved with charity work across the globe where banking regulations and restrictions can stop aid from reaching where it is needed the most. 

Now, 6 years later, Lush followed up with a surprise collaboration with Super Mario The Movie, launching a fresh new range of products including soaps, shower gels, and a ‘Question Block’ bath bomb. The bath bomb is the interesting part here; when broken or used in the bath, it reveals one of six unique soaps. These can be scanned on your Lush app, and added to your digital wallet. Collect all six, and gain access to an exclusive product which is available ONLY to those who have collected all six! Wait a minute; Digital wallet, token-gated content, is this Lush’s soft launch into NFTs? 

Far from the main attraction of the range, the Question Block is only one of seven products in the exclusive range. So while the range isn’t labelled as an NFT collection, it’s hard to deny the similarities with their digital collectibles. Perhaps a next step for Lush would be allowing users to trade with each other to complete their sets of six, gas war on soap anyone?

Met with mixed reviews by their community on their website, the main criticism seems to spark from the fact that you don’t know which soap/token you will get when you purchase the Question Block bath bomb. At £14 each, it would cost at minimum of £84 to complete the collection of Power-Ups, and that would be if you were lucky and didn’t get any repeats. It could rack up to be quite an expensive collection to complete. 

Lush is certainly taking big steps into the tech field. At SXSW23, in addition to the Super Mario collab, they also announced the introduction of the ‘Bath Bot’, a little robot designed to accompany you in the bath, with 180 degree sound speakers and customisable lights, Lush is aiming to level up the bathing experience and take a leap into the tech market. 

Is this new collaboration Lush dipping their toe into the Web3 world? If so, we’re excited to see what they do next!

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Lush x Super Mario
Lush x Super Mario
Lush x Super Mario
Lush x Super Mario

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