LIFE Magazine x Known Origin

The LIFE Picture Collection is the visual chronicle of the 20th century and one of the most important photographic archives in the United States. From 1936 to 2000, LIFE commissioned more than 10 million photographs across 100,000 stories. LIFE magazine famously coined the term photo-journalism and captured the most culturally poignant and politically significant moments in history.

Their first NFT collection was especially curated as homage to the late Margeret Bourke-White, who became the first ever female photographer for LIFE in 1936. The aim of this was to immortalise her collection and celebrate this iconic trailblazer.

Their second collection was minted to engage the WEB3 community to form a collaborative exhibition. LIFE asked artists for artworks inspired by the theme of ‘home’. 

The works were unlike any the magazine had exhibited before. Exploring photo-journalism through the emotive canon and moving through the voyeurism of death and comfort. Many of the photographs felt intrusive and connective; and some images were warped and merged with other digital forms of art.

ITMV Strategy

ITMV helped LIFE transform into a WEB3 brand through a number of methods. 

We partnered LIFE with KnownOrigin, one of the largest premium fine art NFT marketplaces in the WEB3 world; this eBay-backed venture would be the home for the collection. 

We communicated the importance of community-engagement and worked with LIFE to host a number of Twitter Spaces with prominent members of the NFT community, notably the KnownOrigin Ambassadors such as ArtJedi, Jimena Buena Vida and Monica Henson.

In July 2022 at NFT London, to celebrate their second mint in collaboration with KnowOrigin NFT artists, LIFE threw an exhibition to showcase their works at LIFE’s iconic Liberty Point building, in Manhattan. The event was stunning with live artists, DJs and displays of artworks that went on sale that night.


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Live ticketed event in NYC


After a successful response from the community, the first collection was released and the highlight of this was a 5 ETH sale (around 15,000USD) for the first ever LIFE Magazine Cover, which was bought by NFT gallerist and established collector Mondoir, who coincidentally owns the physical copy also.

A successful first collection led to the ideation of a second collection, which would be a collaboration between LIFE and the NFT Community. The collection saw LIFE collaborate with various KnownOrigin NFT photography artists. The collection and event were huge successes and helped LIFE establish their transition into the WEB3 space.

Furthermore, LIFE magazine made a charitable donation to the Malala Fund. The Malala Fund is working for a world where every girl can learn and lead. We advised on this on the basis that it added more power to the iconic Margaret Bourke-White collection and its significance in women’s history.

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