Her|Tech is a business incubator, for female identifying and non-binary entrepreneurs, as well as businesses with such individuals in leadership positions. 

The program runs from September 2022 through to March 2023 and aims to help small businesses and business ideas scale-up. Her|Tech will introduce participants to all of the necessary skills to be successful in business.

Her|Tech is a collaborative project between ITMV, Her Space and Diversify Norway. We have joined forces to create a big social impact and help those traditionally marginalised in the tech and finance sectors.

The course will teach skills from creating a business model to obtaining VC. ITMV will run the WEB3 program for the course delivering live sessions on what WEB3 is and how it can be utilised for business. 

ITMV Strategy

We are working to provide regular educational workshops for women and will be hosting these on a weekly basis, with a particular focus on WEB3 and business, where our in-house experts will be running various learning modules. WEB3 is still a new field and it’s imperative we do all we can to ensure WEB2 inequalities don’t persist as we enter the new phase of the internet.

ITMV created a six month course where  participants could access course materials through NFTS. A NFT complete with unlockable material is sent on successful completion of each class. 

The interactive learning platform will give participants real experience of using digital wallets, non fungible tokens, Opens, Metamask, Discord and consequently giving insight to the various use-cases of NFTs.

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WEB3 live basics academy over video

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NFTs for attendance with unlockable content

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Guest speakers from prominent WEB3 companies

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ITMV live support for academy students


The Hertech Cohort is currently fully underway in their WEB3 journey . They have already set up Metamask wallets and received their first NFTs. We have guest speakers already from Lavina at Women In Blockchain and are looking forward to hearing from Adriana from the Fabricant and Alex from Vault Hill.

We have a dedicated Discord channel and many attendees are already beginning to think about how to implement WEB3 into their business model.

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