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Enter the Metaverse 2022 | 12/12/22

Last week, Mecquel and Tyler from ITMV attended the #ETM22 (Enter The Metaverse 2022) event in London. This was a large event with some of the leading figures and companies in Web3 and the metaverse. There were a series of talks across the event, from companies such as ConsenSys, Meta, Shopify, Tommy and more. Mecquel was also able to interview a number of special speakers and attendees on behalf of W3WC and Tech Circus.

One of the highlights of the event for Mecquel and Tyler was the talk given by ConsenSys, a leading blockchain company, on the future of decentralized applications (DApps) and how they will shape the metaverse. ConsenSys emphasized the importance of user experience in the design of DApps, stating that it will be crucial for widespread adoption.

Another exciting talk was given by Meta, who are focused on building the infrastructure for the metaverse. They discussed the potential for the metaverse to revolutionize industries such as education, entertainment, and commerce.

Shopify, a well-known e-commerce platform, also spoke at the event about their plans to integrate with the metaverse. They highlighted the potential for virtual storefronts and immersive shopping experiences in the metaverse, which could change the way we think about online shopping.

Tommy, a leading virtual reality company, gave a demonstration of their latest VR technology and how it can be used in the metaverse. They showed off a new headset that offers a high level of immersion and interactivity, making it feel like you are truly entering a different world.

In addition to the talks and demonstrations, attendees also had the chance to participate in a number of interactive activities. One of these was a full-body interactive VR experience, which allowed attendees to fully immerse themselves in a virtual world and interact with their surroundings. This was a unique opportunity to experience the potential of VR technology and see how it could be used in the metaverse.

There was also an AR-ready hunting game set up inside the event, which combined elements of both the real and virtual worlds. Players were able to use their phones to track down virtual creatures hidden throughout the event space, adding an extra layer of fun and excitement to the experience.

Overall, #ETM22 was a great success and a valuable opportunity for attendees to learn about the latest developments in the metaverse and connect with industry leaders. Mecquel and Tyler returned to ITMV with a wealth of new knowledge and ideas to explore, and they are already looking forward to attending next year’s event.

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