Web3 Consultants

ITMV x Art.Quarter Gallery


We have partnered with the Art.Quarter in Birmingham to create a 15 month residency featuring 15 exhibitions bringing Web3 art to life, from 29th Apr – 11th Aug 2023. These 15 exhibitions will highlight and explore different themes and stories in the web3 art world, like nature from an NFT perspective, and women in Web3. […]

Sheba Hope Grows


We were approached by Sheba/Mars and their partners AMVBBDO and were tasked with helping launch their non-profit NFT collection, which was created with the intention of restoring the coral reef. Sheba plan to sell 11,269 Virtual Reefs minted on the blockchain. Each sale would act as a donation and 100% of the money would transparently […]

My Pet Hooligan

My Pet Hooligan is a sellout NFT collection by AMGI; an animation and gaming studio in Los Angeles. It was spearheaded by Colin Brady who has worked on the feature films such as: Toy Story, A Bug’s Life and Game of Thrones. AMGI wanted to take all of their experience in film and game design […]

The LightBulbMan

World famous artist Bjarne Melgaard wished to reimagine his most prestigious work ‘The LightbulbMan’, but in the NFT space and more precisely in the world of WEB3.  Melgaard is an extremely prominent physical artist (paintings and sculptures) in Scandinavia; and is as significant to Scandanvia as Damien Hirst is to the UK. Bjarne is no […]

LIFE Magazine x Known Origin

The LIFE Picture Collection is the visual chronicle of the 20th century and one of the most important photographic archives in the United States. From 1936 to 2000, LIFE commissioned more than 10 million photographs across 100,000 stories. LIFE magazine famously coined the term photo-journalism and captured the most culturally poignant and politically significant moments […]



Her|Tech is a business incubator, for female identifying and non-binary entrepreneurs, as well as businesses with such individuals in leadership positions. The program runs from September 2022 through to March 2023 and aims to help small businesses and business ideas scale-up. Her|Tech will introduce participants to all of the necessary skills to be successful in […]