Black Histories and Futures Exhibition | 28/02/23

ITMV and Kollectiff, two prominent Web3 agencies based in Manchester, UK and Los Angeles, USA, have joined forces to bring attention to the incredible talent within the NFT art space for Black History Month USA. The collaboration has resulted in a powerful and captivating exhibition, curated by eight leading black figures in the NFT art world, showcasing the works of 24 talented artists.

The exhibition, entitled “Black Histories and Futures”, took place at The Gall3ry in Venice, LA from February 20th to February 23rd. The event aims to showcase art that represents or makes statements on society and culture for Black Americans, in the past, present, and future. 15 screens throughout the gallery displayed a diverse range of 24 unique artworks.

This exhibition was an excellent opportunity to not only celebrate the rich and varied history of Black people in the United States, but also to highlight the innovative and forward-thinking ways in which Black artists are utilising technology to create new forms of expression, particularly within the Web3 realm. Visitors can explore the collection in-person at the Gall3ry in LA or within the metaverse on Spatial.

The exhibition’s curators include Terrell Jones, Leslie Cruz, Candido Crespo, Dr. Lemny Perez, Bhare, Maryjane Uzodinma, Goldie, and Crystal Petit. Each curator is a leading figure in the NFT art space and has contributed their unique perspective to create an extraordinary exhibition.

“Black Histories and Futures” provides an opportunity for the public to engage with a diverse range of Black art and learn more about the incredible ways in which Black artists are making their mark in the NFT space. 

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Black Histories and Futures
Black Histories and Futures

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