Web3 Consultants

Who are ITMV?

Into the Metaverse are the go to Web3 consultants. We help brands get into Web3 and help existing Web3 brands with their long-term plans and go-to-market strategies. We plan, build, strategise and execute.

We are a full-service agency, offering services in every area possible; whether that be marketing, community-building, development, product or consulting.  All of our team members have a natural interest and passion for Web3.

Meet the

Alexander Golombeck

Alexander Golombeck

Before moving fully into Web3, Alexander (Gol) worked 10 years in traditional finance focusing on fund selection and wealth management, including a position as Head of Investments at a JC Flowers startup. He then went on to make his own brand of music, a highlight of which was producing with 'rock n roll' hall of famer Eddie Kramer. 

Selena Stoeback

Selena StØback
Education & Inclusion Director

Selena specialises in social policy, public service innovation, capacity building and systems change. 
Selena runs ITMVS Academy program and brings a fresh approach to drive ITMVs mission of creating lasting and purposeful social impact through Crypto technology.

Matthew Millner
WEB3 Consultant & Team Leader

Matt joined us after working in the traditional art space, where he dealt with well known physical artists and collectors. He is knowledgeable about the art world and passionate about how Web3 technology has the potential to change the world.

Tyler Watson-Bell

Tyler Watson-Bell
WEB3 Consultant & Project Manager

Tyler has a keen interest in NFT Utility and Metaverse applications. He's helped advise and consult on projects, whilst actively assisting with marketing and community management implementation. He works on creating unique NFT strategies that enhance existing business models and ecosystems.

Beth Windall
WEB3 Marketing Assistant | Community Manager

Beth is our in house social media manager creating content across all our platforms; as well as graphic design and videos for clients.

Mecquel Buddington

Mecquel Buddington
WEB3 Consultant & Project Manager

Mecquel spent over a year at NFT Marketplace KnownOrigin, working with and maintaining relationships with high profile artists and brands. At ITMV he is now utilising those skills as Web3 Consultant and Project Manager, creating and divising unique strategies and campaigns to take NFTs to market.

Zachary Murdock
Creative Director

Zachary is from a 3 generational family of independent artists. They have been involved in music and film for over 40 years creating projects in USA and Europe. ChannelTheSun studios are based out of Venice Beach / LA.

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